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30-09-2021          Burnham and Berrow Match Report

It’s a Three-peat for the North as they win a very tight encounter in Somerset in the Sun in September


Archive News


02-06-2019          Portugal Match Report

20 Year Celebrations at Praia D’El Rey in Portugal


10-05-2018          Hunstanton Match Report

The Hero’s of Hunstanton – The North win for first time in five years at 18th Hemisphere Cup


22-04-2018          Final Instructions for Hunstanton Golf Club

Final Instructions for 2018


01-04-2018          19th Hemisphere Cup – Hunstanton Golf Club, Norfolk

3rd and 4th May – Its Foursome Fun in Norfolk for 2018



01-03-2018          Rosapenna Match Report

Report from the 18th Hemisphere Cup


01-03-2018          Rosapenna Photos

Photos from the 18th Hemisphere Cup


12-05-2017          Final Instructions for Rosapenna Golf Club

Final Instructions for 2017


01-03-2017          18th Hemisphere Cup – Rosapenna Golf Club

18th and 19h May – Its back to Ireland in 2017


01-03-2017          Aberdovey Match Report

Report from the 17th Hemisphere Cup


01-03-2017          Aberdovey Photos

Photos from the 17th Hemisphere Cup

11-05-2016          Final Instructions for Aberdovey Golf Club

Details and Timetable for 2016


01-03-2016          17th Hemisphere Cup – Aberdovey Golf Club

19th and 20th May – Its back to Wales in 2016


01-09-2015          Cruden Bay Match Report

Report from the 16th Hemisphere Cup


01-09-2015          Cruden Bay Photos

Photos from the 16th Hemisphere Cup



10-05-2015          Final Instructions for Cruden Bay

Details for Cruden Bay 14th/15th May 2015


01-10-2014          St Enodoc Match Report

Report from the 15th Hemisphere Cup


01-10-2014          St Enodoc Photos

Photos from the 15th Hemisphere Cup


01-06-2014          Final Instructions for St Enodoc, Cornwall

Final Instructions for Cornwall


01-06-2014          Castletown Match Report

Report from the 14th Hemisphere Cup


01-06-2014          Castletown Photos

Photos from the 14th Hemisphere Cup


10-05-2013          Final Instructions for Castletown, Isle of Man

Final Instructions for Isle of Man


12-02-2013          14th Hemisphere Cup – Castletown, Isle of Man

16th and 17th May – Venue Confirmed


12-02-2013          Royal St David’s Match Report

Report from the 13th Hemisphere Cup


12-02-2013          Royal St David’s Photos

Photos from the 13th Hemisphere Cup


15-02-2012          13th Hemisphere Cup – Royal St David’s Golf Club

24th and 25th May – Its back to Wales in 2012


15-06-2011          Woodhall Spa Match Report

Report from the first in-land Hemisphere Cup


15-06-2011          Woodhall Spa Photos

Photos from the 12th Hemisphere Cup


28-05-2010          12th Hemisphere Cup – Woodhall Spa

19th and 20th May 2011 – Venue confirmed


28-05-2010          Machrihanish Match Report

It doesn’t get much better


28-05-2010          Machrihanish Photos

Photos from the 11th Hemisphere Cup


17-05-2010          Final Instructions for Machrihanish Golf Club

Volcano ash and Airline strikes can’t stop us.....


19-03-2010          11th Hemisphere Cup – Machrihanish Golf Club

Its back to Scotland for the 11th Hemisphere Cup


15-09-2009          Pinnacle Point Match Report

A full write up from the first away match!


15-09-2009          Pinnacle Point Photos

Some action from South Africa


29-03-2009          10th Hemisphere Cup – Final Instructions

Final details on events at Pinnacle Point


15-09-2008          10th Hemisphere Cup - South Africa

Watch this space for news on the 10th Hemisphere Cup


15-09-2009          10 Years of the Cup on Youtube

Relive some of those memories from the first 10 years


15-09-2008          Silloth Match Report

A full write up from the match at Silloth


15-09-2008          Silloth Photos

Some action from Cumbria


18-04-2008          Final Instructions for Silloth

What's happening when


17-03-2008          Silloth on Solway to host 9th Hemisphere Cup

It's back to England for 2008, but its a long way from anywhere.....


01-03-2008          Ballyliffin Match Report

North win - but only just....


01-03-2008          Ballyliffin Photos

Was it really that windy?


10-05-2007          Ballyliffin Instructions

What, Where, When.


17-01-2007          Ballyliffin to host 8th Hemisphere Cup

It's off to Ireland in 2007.........


17-01-2007          Dear oh Dear! Sarge back in the news

You cant keep a good man down.


3-12-2006            Saunton - Match Report

Better late than never.  Stats on a famous win for the South!


13-12-2006          Golf Slang

Consolidated list of our favourite names for some of our favourite shots


20-09-2006          Sarge finds new love......

Sarge hits the headlines on the BBC website with his new wife.


10-05-2006          Final instructions for 7th Hemisphere Cup

What's happening when.


10-11-2005          Saunton to host 7th Hemisphere Cup, 18th/19th May 2006

The cup returns to England for the second time as North Devon's finest links is set to host the Hemisphere Cup


26-09-2005          Royal Dornoch - Match Report

Better late than never!


26-09-2005          Photos from Royal Dornoch

Relive the magic of the 6th Hemisphere Cup


04-05-2005          Royal Dornoch - Final Instructions for 6th Hemisphere Cup

Where you need to be when?


15-11-2004          Royal Dornoch to host Hemisphere Cup

6th Hemisphere Cup - 12th/13th May, 2005.


07-11-2004          Oliver's Ace

Ollie gets hole in one on 7th at Royal Birkdale


02-09-2004          Match report from Tenby

Can you ever justify shagging a goat?


02-09-2004          Photos from Tenby

Photos from the 5th Cup Match


02-09-2004          New Patron for Hemisphere Cup

We are proud to announce our new Patron


10-05-2004          Final Instructions for the  5th Hemisphere Cup – 13th/14th May 2004

Wales Here We Come........


03-03-2004          Tenby to Host the 5th Hemisphere Cup – 13th/14th May 2004

Wales will see the arrival of the Hemisphere Cup in 2004.


29-02-2004          The Sun Shines on the South at Turnberry

Read the Full Match Report on the 4th Hemisphere Cup.


29-02-2004          Photos from Turnberry

Photographic record from Turnberry.


6-04-2003            Only One Week Till Tee Off at Turnberry

The 4th Hemisphere Cup will commence in less than a week at Turnberry.  Follow link for final details and proposed itinerary.


25-03-2003          Declared Runners and Riders for 4th Hemisphere Cup

Handicaps for the 4th Hemisphere Cup


25-03-2003          Sarge Predicts this Years Result.........

Given his unavailability due to impending fatherhood, Sarge predicts what will happen at this years event.


17-02-2003          Hemisphere Cup Player applies for Ryder Cup Captain's Job

How can you beat the success of Sam Torrence? One of our intrepid players thinks hes got what it takes!


20-01-2003          Charlie Challenges Cup Record

On publishing the results from previous competitions, Charlie has challenged the cups statistician, pointing out that his record would have been better but for playing Paul off a mexican handicap in Lytham and having to carry Julian round the same course. Some people are never satisfied, though it does highlight the fact that Hughie is the only person that he acknowledges took a half point off him.


10-01-2003          New Arrival on Christmas Day

Angus Stuart Whiteing joined the world as yet another eligible player for the Southern Hemisphere. Though only 7lbs 1oz a proud father said he could more than punch his weight in the cup.


10-01-2003          Hughie Takes The Plunge

Hughie announced his engagement to long suffering Mel Hubbard in the new year. Well dones Hughie for a great sales job. Commiserations Mel!


01-07-2002          Photos from Connemara

Action from the 3rd Hemisphere Cup in Connemara.


05-07-2001          Photos from the Machrie

Some moments to remember from The Machrie.


10-10-2000          Photos from Royal Lytham & St Annes

Some memories from the first cup competition.