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8th Hemisphere Cup - Ballyliffin, County Donegal, England

May 17th/18th, 2007



More Wind and Rain

The Hemisphere Cup returned to Ireland in 2007 at its most northerly course at Ballyliffin. The best way to get there was to fly through Londonderry in Northern Ireland so a few of us took the opportunity to play Royal Portrush as a warm up on the Wednesday.   The weather was again a bit rough, but nothing an 'Ulster Fry' couldn't get you ready for.  Ian impressed the starter with his hook out of bounds at the first.

The rest of the team arrived at the airport on Thursday morning and the teams moved by bus up to Ballyliffin.  The weather was again to play its part during the match with plenty of wind, and when the rain came it was invariably side ways.  Just like Saunton, the weather was not good for a mid-handicapper with a slightly dodgy high fade as his stock shot.  I can't remember much of the detail of what happened apart from one match......

"You lost by how much?"

One match sticks out more than any other at the 8th Hemisphere Cup.  During the singles I was in the fortunate position to see it up close and personal during my own match with Ross, though even then it is hard to believe....

Greg and Dave Burns were drawn to play each other in the singles.  This was a repeat of their first match at Tenby which Dave won by two holes.   The match at Tenby was memorable for having the largest score to win a hole (either 10 or 11), so the re-match was sure to be interesting.  Greg however, was out for revenge.

Dave nailed his drive down the first, hit the back of the green with his second and narrowly missed a putt that allowed Greg to take the first.  That was the last fairway Dave hit!

He lost the 2nd..........then the 3rd.  Four down after 4.  Lost the 5th. Not even close on the 6th.

When Greg won the 7th it looked like something special was on.

Greg then won the 8th and 9th to stand dormie on the 10th tee.

Dave somehow managed to get onto the green in three and had a putt to half the hole.

Not even close....Dave had lost 10 and 8.  That's right 10 & 8.  Greg looked slightly embarrassed by the score but was happy to shake hands and move onto the 11th tee with the match won.   I am sure this is a record that will stand for a long time in the Hemisphere Cup.

Dave has been sent back to Q School.

The Match Summary

Round 1 – Fourballs (Glashedy)

The South take their customary first day lead by 3 to 2.  David & Paul, Andy & Tony rack up big wins.

Round 2 – Fourballs (Old Course)

The North fail to bounce back and again lose the morning series 3 to 2.  Ian & Rene, Pete & Barry record comfortable victories for the North but the rest of the side lose.  Heading into the singles the match score stands at 6-4 to the South.

Round 3 – Singles (Glashedy Course)

The North stage a dramatic comeback and take the singles 6.5 to 3.5 to record a shock victory.   Only Paul, Greg and Andy record victories for the South with Hugh getting an admirable half against Mike. Rene, Barry, Ian, Pete, Graham and Sean record victories for the North.

Ian and Rene make it three points from three, whilst Hugh goes undefeated for the South with 2.5 points.



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Detailed Results


Detailed Results from the 8th Hemisphere Cup