Founded 2000

Photos from Ballyliffin, 2007

A few photos from Ballyliffin and the warm up game at Royal Portrush (though I dont think we ever got warm).

Dave arrives in Londonderry to a taste of the weather to come

Hugh leaves work behind for a couple of days?

Royal Portrush - Warm Up

Ian hooks it out of bounds at the 1st

Ian at the 3rd

Greg tees off at the 3rd

View off the back of the 6th Tee

Ian soaks up the Sun

Greg showing some bunker skills......   

......Ian shows his bunker skills.........

......then Pete shows his bunker skills

Ballyliffin - First Round

Paul gets things kicked off   

Ross kicks his innings off for the South

Charles, Craig and Hugh walk up to three very poor approach shots

Hugh tries a tricky chip over the bunker...........

.........but ends up in it...................

.........and takes two to get out.

Looking down from the 7th green

Looking back to the 7th Tee from the green (Dave, Graham, Andy and Tony are the dots)

A familiar site as Craig pulls on his waterproofs

At the end of Day 1 in the bar, Ian lets himself and his teammates down.

Ballyliffin - Day 2

On the Bus

The Clubhouse

Dave (Burns) drives off

Tony drives off

Dave (Bookbinder) drives off

Ross drives off

Ian and Rene embark on their round

Craig, Iain and Barry

Seeing the weather approaching

Time to take cover

Ross struggles with his umberella

Dave and Greg shelter with the caddie

Ross loses his battle with the umberella and the weather

After the storm, the sun came back out

A rare shot of Dave (burns) on the fairway during is match with Greg

Ross remembers to pee down-wind

Dave again in the bunker

Time to shelter....again

Ross aims about 30 yards left to allow for the wind

Greg tees off at the par 3 in the evening sun (?)

Rainbow over Ballyliffin

The Northern Team

The Southern Team

Barry grins over his first pint (or is that point)

Greg has only just enough fingers to show his winning score over Dave

Sean and Ollie with cup

Barry bores Ross with tales of his winning putt

A tired but happy Ian waits to take the cup home