Founded 2000

2007 Results




Ballyliffin, County Donegal, Ireland




May 17th/18th, 2007


The Teams:




Peter Simpson

David Whiteing

Dave Burns

Andrew Weyland

Oliver Jones

Hugh Richards

Ian Elliott

Greg Caster

Charles Hunt

Paul Carter

Mike Masters

Tony Williams

Graham Frazer

David Bookbinder

Rene Kleyweg

Iain Brown

Barry Prince

Craig Varney

Sean Weir

Ross Simpson



Match Result:


North 10.5 – South 9.5


Individual Match Scores:


North   South   Result
4 ball Mike Ian   David Paul C   North 5&4
Ollie Rene   Greg Iain   North 1 up
Sean Barry   Ross Dave BB   South 2&1
Pete  Charles   Craig Hugh   South 1 up
Dave B Graham   Andy Tony   South 4&3
4 ball Charles Dave B   Tony Dave BB   South 1 up
Ian Rene   Ross Andy   North 5&4
Pete Barry   Iain Craig   North 5&3
Sean Mike   Paul  C Hugh   South 3&2
Ollie Graham   Greg David   South 2&1
Singles Rene     Iain     North 4&3
Barry     Tony     North 3&2
Ian     Craig     North 1 up
Charles     Paul C     South 4&2
Pete     Craig     North 2&1
Dave B     Greg     South 10&8
Mike     Hugh     Half Level
Ollie     Andy     South 4&3
Sean     Dave BB     North 2&1
Graham     David     North 5&4
        North   10.5  
        South   9.5  




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