Founded 2000

Photos from Royal Dornoch, 2005

A few selected photos from the warm up at Nairn.

Mike prepares to launch one down the second at Nairn

Greg fires one out of the rough at Nairn

Pete fires one 35 yards over the back of the green out of the bunker

A beautiful day in Nairn as Greg roles in a long putt

Pete pulls one way left at the 14th into the deep crap (Ball was never seen again)

Mike tees off at the 14th

Mike destroys the face of a bunker by firing his ball at it

Mike tries again to get out!

A few photos from the match at Royal Dornoch- Day 1

Ross drives at the 5th on the first day

Matt prepares to unleash the beast

Matt chips on at the short 6th

Ollie recreates the incident in the bar when Graham hit him on the head from 230 yards (Note Charlie in the background struggling with a bogie of a different kind!)

Dave struggles to keep up after dinner

Julian waxes on about another missed putt

Dave has one last drink........

....before resuming his position

Huw complains about 3rd party smoking

A few photos from the match at Royal Dornoch- Day 2

Mike gets the ball rolling on the afternoon of the second day

Matt drives off at the first

Ross does some ironing up the first

Adam drives off the first

Julian sets off on another grand adventure

James drives off at the 5th

Tony at the 5th

Ollie heads one gorse bound at the 5th

Huw tries to keep the match alive at the 18th with a 40 foot putt

The Winning Putt - Graham holds his nerve at the last to win his match with Huw

Golfers walk in after the drama of the last match on the last hole

The Northern Team

The Southern Team

Sarge accepts the return of the Southern Team shirts.....

......and then start on about more bloody goats!

Adam enjoys Graham's talk on his adventures during the week

David and Graham

The Cup is filled with something tasty for Ross to drink

Ross prepares to drink the strange brew

Its all too much for Charlie.......

.........and Dave

The Cup amongst friends

Some of the late night crowd

The returned shirts

Sarge tries to sell them to his American friends

Paul takes his shirt back

The proud owner of a new Hemisphere Cup shirt

Graham talks to a bunch of zombies

Ollie looking fresh as a daisy

Julian starts another pint

Ian cleans the bus window with a suitable cloth

and finally.....

The Cup heads home

If you have any photos from this event then please send in so we can put on website.