Founded 2000

22nd Hemisphere Cup – Killarney, Ireland

May 12th-14th, 2022




Sean’s Dream

When Sean put his hand up in 2021 to say that he would help organise the Hemisphere Cup the following year, we knew we would get something special.  What followed was a well thought out and planned (including powerpoint presentation!) trip to Killarney in South West Ireland.


Having been reduced to shambling, stuttering wrecks after playing two rounds in a day at Burnham & Berrow the previous year, 2022 saw the competition move to one round a day.   This brought obvious benefits leaving more time for enjoying ourselves off the course. As the tourist office points out “there is so much more to Killarney than its beauty, you will feel instantly at home here because of the town’s unrivaled tradition of hospitality”, and boy did we enjoy the local hospitality.


You can enjoy a night out in an Irish Pub in nearly every city in the world, so what can you do in a town in Ireland with over 50 pubs for a population of only around 15,000?  Indeed, each pub can have multiple rooms with different music, atmosphere and Craic.  You have not lived until you have danced to an Abba medley played on fiddle, guitar and banjo.


So Sean delivered a 10 out of 10 for location, all of us leaving a bit more tired, a bit wiser, a bit sore headed, but certainly a lot happier after visiting this amazing part of the world.

But what of the golf at the Killarney Golf & Fishing Club…..

The Match Summary

Round 1 – Fourballs (Thursday) – Killeen


12 veteran Hemisphere Cup participants lined up to start the 2022 Hemisphere Cup.


Alex and Sarge made quick work of Jan and Bronson coming out 7&6 Winners.


Dave and Mike, whilst looking good on paper, were shit on grass and lost to Brandon and Daveid 2&1.


The final match was a very close affair going all the way to the 18th were it ended in a tie for Pete and Ollie against Andy and Sean.


 The match was tied at 1.5 to 1.5.


Round 2 – Fourballs (Friday) – Mahony’s Point


Three more matches were played over the Mahony’s Point course following a relatively calm night in the bar.


Sarge and Mike tied with Sean and David in the lead match.


Ollie and Dave B won another tight game 1 Up against Brandon and Bronson.


Andy and Jan proved too string for Pete and Alex coming out 5&3 winners with something to spare.


So the match was tied at 3 -3 heading into the singles on the Saturday……..but there was always going to be Friday night that would potentially take its toll.


Round 3 – Singles (Saturday) – Killeen

After a suitably large night on Friday there were a few sore heads on the first tee.  Something of milestone was made as founder and President Dave W made their 60th appearance, whilst Mike made his 50th cap.


Match 1: Mike beat Jan 4&3 with Jan struggling off the tee, but both players loving a strong left to right flight.


Match 2: On one of the oldest rivalries in the cup, Sarge beat Dave 2&1 in a tight match.


Match 3: In a came of competent golfers, Alex beat Andy 1 up at the last.


Match 4: Dave B found his driving game and saw off Brandon 5&3.


Match 5: In a game of the lowest possible quality, but at least no running overs, Pete and Bronson tied.  Neither wanting to win.


Match 6:  Ollie kept his head above water against Sean and took the 18th to win 1 up.


After the tight Fourballs the North had run away with the singles 5.5 – 0.5 and had retained the cup.


8.5 – 3.5 to the North


The Captains Cup


Tony has yet to return the cup, so was not presented.




Photographs from the 22nd  Hemisphere Cup


Detailed Results


Detailed Results from the 22nd Hemisphere Cup