Founded 2000

Ollie's Ace


Some things in life are worth the wait, and Ollie waited 39 years.  And it could not have come at a finer venue whilst visiting Royal Birkdale as part of Ross's 40th Birthday tour to the North West.


The 7th hole had been selected for the nearest the pin, so with Dave, Pete and Pete all having missed the green they waited for the next group to see how they would fair.  With the wind behind, Sarge put his through the back and so up stepped Ollie for his crack at the green.  A couple of practice swings then the ball was struck.  Never leaving the flag it pitched two feet from the hole, hit the flag, dropped 6 inches behind the hole and spun back in for a memorable ace.


Wild celebrations followed and Ollie had certainly won the nearest the pin competition!


What makes this more interesting is that for those that read Golf World the recent Top 100 issue has a picture of the 7th at Birkdale on the front cover (though for some reason their picture is inverted).


The cameras were there to capture some pictures of the big event.......


The 7th Hole at Royal Birkdale


Ollie Lifts ball from the Cup (Note Sarge's sad looking ball through the back)


"The Drinks are on Me"


Picture of the 7th at Royal Birkdale on front of Golf World