Founded 2000

Match Statistics


For those of you who like numbers and statistics, some key highlights (up to and including Aberdovey 2016) are:


Matches Played




Overall Results


North     8 Wins

South     10 Wins

Drawn    1 Match (South Retained)


Overall Team Scores


North     138.0 Points

South     151.0 Points


Results in Fourballs


North     62.5 Points

South     74.5 Points


Results in Singles


North     72.0 Points

South     69.0 Points


Results in Foursomes


North     4.5 Points

South     4.5 Points


Representative Players*


North     24 Players

South     29 Players

* Ross Simpson, Tony Williams, Greg Caster, Magnus Olsson, Barry Prince, Oliver Jones, Mike Masters, Sean Weir, Alex Langlands and Graham Frazer have represented both sides