Founded 2000

2006 Results




Saunton, England




May 18th/19th, 2006


The Teams:




Peter Simpson

David Whiteing

Dave Burns

Andrew Weyland

Oliver Jones

Hugh Richards

Julian Solecki

Greg Caster

Ian Elliott / Justin Lowe / Rob Ayre

Matt Andrews

Charles Hunt

Paul Carter

Mike Masters

Tony Williams

Graham Frazer

Darren Goldman

Barry Prince

David Bookbinder

Richard Lamb

Iain Brown



Match Result:


North 7 – South 13


Individual Match Scores:


North   South   Result
4 ball Mike Ollie   Iain Matt   North 2&1
Ian Julian   David Darren   South 3&2
Charles Richard   Greg Andy   South 2&1
Pete  Dave B   Paul C Tony   Half Level
Barry Graham   Hugh Dave BB   South 6&5
4 ball Ollie Barry   Tony Iain   South 2 up
Mike Julian   Andy Hugh   South 6&5
Pete Justin   David Dave BB   South 6&5
Charles Dave B   Paul  C Darren   North 1 up
Graham Richard   Greg Matt   South 3&2
Singles Mike     Andy     North 3&2
Barry     Dave     South 2 up
Ollie     Iain     North 4&3
Rob     Dave BB     North 6&5
Pete     Greg     South 4&3
Julian     Tony     South 1 up
Dave B     Matt     Half Even *
Richard     Paul C     South 2&1
Charlie     Hugh     North 6&5
Graham     Darren     South 1 up **
        North   7  
        South   13  
* Agreed half on the 14th due to inclement weather!  
** Nine hole Match            




Photos from Saunton


Match Report:


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