Greg Caster


Played 30*: Won 14, Lost 13, Drawn 3

* Greg Played for the North at Pinnacle Point where he carried on for the South by losing 2 and halving one match

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Like any American in a big fight, Greg made use of the latest technology. Some of his equipment was made from composite materials that even NASA do not have access to at present. A great addition to the team! Gregís perspective of the tournament is that we have received a divine blessing, based on the weather we experienced. I understand Greg is still drying out from his trip to Turnberry with relatives from the US, a month after to cup. He has already placed his deposit on attending next year, the south hope to have him performing at the same level.

Opposing Captains View:

Being an American, Greg obviously warmed up for the Southern team by watching Mel Gibson in the Patriot to get in the mood; An Australian playing an American fighting the British. Greg certainly didnít need a second invite to bring some well needed jingoistic antagonism to the first tee in the singles. From looking at the scores Greg had a great start to his first Hemisphere Cup (or some great partners) before being found out in the singles. At Tenby Greg was definately found out on the pool table!