Billy Dan


Played 6: Won 3, Lost 3, Drawn 0

Strengths & Weaknesses:

This man is responsible for the biggest Greg Norman moment yet in the history of the Cup. To miss a four foot putt against a hung-over Sarge, on the 18th (thereby having to half the match), was appalling. To miss it again, and again, at 4am when pissed, is just plain reckless. The rumour that he did not appear at Connemara because he had been sent home to Australia for missing the putt is a lot closer to the truth than some think. A great man at the bar, Billy can story tell for Australia and at The Machrie, he displayed a talent for singing Country & Western.

Opposing Captains View:

For Billy one got the feeling that it was not "what" you scored, but "how" you scored that was more important. Always more interested in how far he could hit an 8 iron than if he could hit the green. His performance in the bar at the Machrie was sensational. His exploits on the course and in the bar will be missed.