Ian Elliott (Sarge)


Played 52: Won 22, Lost 21, Drawn 7

Strengths & Weaknesses:

Accomplished Goat shagger who is often found in the  bar. This leads to his key weakness, an inability to perform at the highest level once he has had a skinfull. Despite Captains orders, he is easily distracted to drink himself into a state of poor health prior to the completion of the event. His 7&6 thrashing in 2002 highlights this point. That being said he famously holed the four footer to halve the cup in 2001 at the Machrie. Coming from Wales he likes Tom Jones and sheep.

Opposing Captains View:

A great tourist, who can drink and sing with the best……for the first night. He possesses a beautiful “banana” off the tee and is still recovering from the broken back he incurred trying to “carry” Julian through 18 holes at The Machrie.