David Burns


Played 51: Won 21, Lost 18, Drawn 12

Dave played for the South at Burnham and Berrow for one match where he made an eagle at the last to win.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

The 'lets go straight to the 18th' man as matches with Dave always seem to go to the last.  A man whose warm up routine normally includes a quick couple of pints. David quickly found his drinking rhythm on his first Hemisphere Cup appearance at Turnberry and was one of the last to leave the bar on both nights (have a look at the pictures to see what drink does to a man!). His golf on the other hand was variable.

Opposing Captains View:

The Southern Hemisphere were concerned before Turnberry that the absence of Sarge might have meant the Northern team were going to do less drinking and more golfing. However, We had absolutely no reason to be concerned when Burns arrived and went straight to the bar. When at the bar, he drew in the rest of his team like some dark gravitational force. We look forward to him and Sarge getting into a drinking death spiral in 2005, Tenby is on alert! That said, Dave did contribute to one of the most bizarre but compelling matches of the cup in his Singles battle with Philip Graham something which you will appreciate reading the detailed match write-up.