Founded 2000

Top 10 ‘In the Bar’ performances



A topic of conversation in Campbletown was of the top 10 biggest hangovers or ‘drink yourself to a poor performance’ moments in Hemisphere Cup history.  It didn’t take too long to come up with a list, and it is no suprise to see Sarge featuring heavily .


No 10               Paul M, Turnberry


No 9                 Paul M, Dornoch


No 8                 Andy, Dornoch


No 7                 Graham, Dornoch


No 6                 Kelly, Pinnacle Point (only entry by a non-player!)


No 5                 Sarge, Tenby


No 4                 Sarge, Ballyliffin


No 3                 Sarge, Connemara


No 2                 Sarge, Royal Lytham and St Annes


No 1                 Sarge, The Machrie